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Good Coffee?

I've learned over the years to keep my cards close to my chest when talking to folks about coffee. Coffee drinkers tend to believe that they drink the good stuff, regardless of what they drink. Also, I have no interest in telling someone to their face that their daily ritual is something that I wouldn't do, because it's not true. International and domestic travel being a key part of my other side job, I've been in many situations where I gladly drank whatever cup of coffee that was in front of me. From very burnt drip coffee from a gas station to super bitter espressos in train stations. However, when I'm at my house, I enjoy what I consider to be the good stuff.

Good coffee is a term I hesitate to use. It implies an amount of objectivity about preferences and I'm not completely comfortable with that. I also hate the idea of sounding like a coffee snob. However, when people find out that I'm roasting single origin coffee semi-professionally, they usually jump to their own conclusions about my coffee snobbery...

Sometimes I am questioned about how to make better coffee. I like to answer this question using a pyramid. the important factors are at the bottom of this pyramid and the higher you go up on the pyramid, the less the factors matter. At the bottom: high quality fresh roasted coffee beans, ok water, and brewing technique prove to be essential. Above that, the ability to freshly grind your coffee and the water temperature of your coffee brewer. Above this are smaller factors such as coffee filter type, coffee origin/process techniques. As you pursue the good stuff, I hope that you enjoy yourself as much as I have. Feel free to contact me with any questions and/or comments below.